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Ivanka Ivanova
Genre: Bulgarian Folk Music, World

Ivanka Ivanova
Ivanka Ivanova in an innovative, expressive Bulgarian folklore singer from Pazardzhik. Ivanka was born on January 18, 1954 and since then she has composed over 1,000 authentic Bulgarian folklore songs. It was in 1971 that Ivanka realized she no longer wished to pursue her physician assistant studies and moved on to fulfill her passion for music. Within 10 years of starting her music career she won 2 music festival awards, one in Vratsa and the other in Varna. Ivanka was also awarded the silver medal at the Bulgarian Koprivishtitsa Music Festival in August of 1981.

Ivanka has made numerous radio recordings and has appeared in Bulgarian television programs. Her music has also been featured in two films, Excursion to the Bridge of Friendship and I Was On Mars. Soon after Ivanka’s music was released in the films she started the Ivanka Ivanova Trio with Michael Sapp (accordion) and Martin Ingenhuett (contrabass). She has also composed with the Schal Sick Brass Band and performed live with them in Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, France, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Ivanka’s music incorporates traditional Bulgarian folk styles fused with elements of rock, pop and even some rap and techno. Her unique sound and distinct style are fresh and exciting for listeners.


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